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Our Story


           The Moveable Feast is a collection of talented and dedicated individuals who have a passion for creating memorable events “one event at a time!”


         It starts with our owner Dan Huntsbarger, a 39-year veteran of the food service industry and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After refining his cooking skills at a number of great restaurants, Dan and his wife Carol opened their own restaurants. Both of their restaurants received high marks for creative food and great service.


          The catering division of Dan's company has been producing exceptional events since 1995. In 2004 the decision was made to focus all of our attention on catering. The goal was to bring our award winning food and service to every event no matter the size or location.

          In order to set our goals into action, we set out to build a team of passionate and detail-oriented leaders, many of whom had helped make our restaurants a success.

Our Leadership Team

Event Specialists: They create it

  • Sherry Perkins – Catering Director/General Manager

  • Misty Rose – Senior Event Planner


Event Supervisors: They make it happen

  • Michelle Casey            

  • Nancy Bailey              

  • Anthony Schneider         

  • Nikki VanNuys  

  • Stina Strømsøe       

Culinary Team: They cook it

  • Becky Flack – Head Pastry Chef

  • Dan Huntsbarger Owner –  Executive Catering Chef


Facilities: They make sure we are prepared 

  • Rosie Page - Operation Manager     

  • James Montgomery – Facilities Manager

  • Owen Whitman – Vehicle Logistics



                      Together, as a team,

we make amazing things happen!

Recognition of our efforts


Daniel’s on Liberty Achievements:

  • One of our country's top 100 restaurants - “Zagat Survey”

  • One of Michigan's top 5 restaurants - “Gourmet Magazine”

  • One of Americas top 100 restaurants - “Conde-Nast Traveler”


Dan’s River Grill Achievements:

  • Best New Restaurant in Michigan - “AAA Michigan Living Magazine”

  • 3 ½ Stars out of 4 - "Detroit News & Free Press"


Dan’s Personal Achievements as a Chef:

  • First place winner - “Michigan Game and Game Fish Cook-off”

  • 3 time Gold Medal winner - “Chef’s Triathlon Food Competition”

  • Silver Medal winner - “Renaissance Pastry Competition”

  • 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, and 17 Bronze Medals won in various ice carving competitions

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